Drakensang Archetypes: Dabbler Mages

In TDE, a Dabbler (or quarter-mage) is a person who has a potenial for magic, but either his talent is too small to be properly trained at a mage academy or he never was trained out of other reasons. He cannot learn (new) spells, his magical powers manifest as intuitive "supernatural talents". There is no distinct boundary between subliminal and conscious use of magic, and the magical abilities are usually determined by the character's day-to-day business...

This mod creates four new archetypes, Three of them available for each gender.

Download (v1.23):


General abilities of all Dabblers:

The new archetypes in detail:

Middlerealmian Scoundrel (male/female)

The small-time criminal from the big city, experienced as cutpurse, burglar, waylayer and con-artist. He's good with daggers and fencing weapons, knows the typical talents of his craft and if need be he, may resort to the supernatural abilities of a Dabbler.

Special Abilities:

Thorwalian Heilari (male/female)

The Thorwalian Healer fights with shield and skraja side by side wth his brethren, but after the combat his true battle starts. In Thorwal, searching for a proper Medicus or even a healing mage will be in vain most of the time, but usually there will be someone in the Ottajasko who has knowledge in the art of healing, and some of those Heilari get by pretty well using his Dabbler gift.

Special Abilities:

Tulamidian Swordfellow (male only)

A swordsman with the Khunchomer who never visited a warrior academy, but instead was trained by a master since his early childhood. his innate magic talent was purposefully directed and became part of a fighting style in which the borders between battle and dance, body control and magic are blurring. Following the old tradition, the student leaves his master at the end of his apprenticeship, and travels the lands, while the master takes on a new trainee.

Special Abilities:

Tulamidian Sharisad (female only)

The tulamidian dancer who fascinates and mesmerizes her viewers with veils and sabers. Taken on and trained by a teacher since she was a young girl, here very movement now resembles a dance and her inherent magic is part of the dance. Don't make the mistake, and see just the exotic dancer. More often than not Sharisadim serve as spies or work as thieves on their own account.

Special Abilities:


I'm aware that some of the spells aren't allowed for Dabblers in P&P but this is a mod for Drakensang and has to adapt to actual conditions in the game. An Axxeleratus spell which can be used to speed up other party members is more powerful in this context than a Duplicatus that only affects the caster. What counts is the actual effect ingame not its background in P&P.

Installation and Deinstallation are done by database access and is fully compatible with other mods as long as they don't use the same naming-scheme for the database-fields.

The installation creates backups of the database files, by renaming them you can unisnstall the mod as well. Keep those backups as you may need them for future patches (up to now patches always created new database files)

I tried to translate as best as I could, but specific terms are always a problem, if something sounds awkward, tell me, I won't bite, usually

Download (v1.23):


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