Wild Mage Additions

A Mod for BG2:SOA/TOB and BG1Tutu  (by JOG)

Last Update: 11.Jun.09 (v1.7)

Component 1: New wild magic spells:

This Mod contains 27 new wild magic spells, some out of TSR's Tome of Magic, some out of Netbooks, and some I made up on my own.

Level 1
Mynoc's Irresistible Appeal      
Random Spell I
Rodent Form
Level 4
Cellular Regeneration
Corporeal Instability
Glyph of Wild Magic
Level 7
Hornung's Random Dispatcher
Random Spell IV
Summon Cow

Level 2
Blade Shower
Rhialto's Random Missiles   
Summon Wild Horde     

Level 5

Paithan's Lucky Streak        
Random Spell III       

Level 8

Entropy Burst
Eye of the Beholder
Mynoc's Wild Recuperation

Level 3
Gymlainac's Lightbend
Random Spell II
Vile Word of Discord

Level 6
Meece's Wildarmor
Paithan's Fiasco

Level 9
Entropy Shield
Wild Sphere

Component 2: Spellshaper Kit

The spellshaper is a practitioner of wild magic who casts his spells by virtue of raw magical talent or gift, as opposed to a wild mage's academic, systematic approach.

Spellshapers share the sorcerer's intuitive understanding for arcane magic. They memorize spells like a wizard, yet have a second resource at their disposal: A Spellshaper has the ability to "weave" raw magic energy into spell effects of his desire, without need of preparing those spells ahead of time. This talent is anything but unfailing, and using it on a regular basis requires as much luck as recklessness. Persons who use such a talent aren't very popular among conservative spellcasters.

Unlike the sorcerer, the spellshaper may learn spells from scrolls, and memorize and cast them like a wizard. Being opportunists at heart, rarely a spellshaper renounces this relative reliable way of working magic. It's usually reserved for those protective and last-resort spells that really need to work, though. The spellshaper's talent to cast spells spontaneously is so convenient that he prefers to use it whenever possible.

Neglecting conventional spellcasting, and focussing on chaotic wild magic doesn't come without a price: A spellshaper can't memorize as many spells as a true mage, and his progress in getting access to new spell levels is much slower.

Persons of this profession also tend to be a bit eccentric: Their undisciplined nature was what led them to their alternative way of spellcasting in the first place, and constant contact with chaotic wild magic affects the spellshaper's personality even more. Similar to a bard, a spellshaper has a lot of interests: He intuitively learns a bit of everything that crosses his path, but lacks the discipline to master these things to the same extend as a more focused character.

Most spellshapers have the wisdom not to rely exclusively on their dangerous and unpredictable spell ability. They hedge their bets by learning physical combat as well. They aren't warriors, but a spellshaper's abilities in melee combat are close to those of a thief. As he gets more experienced, the spellshaper may learn special abilities that improve his combat techniques even more, these abilities include backstabbing, mastery in the dagger proficiency and the unique ability to fight with two weapons at once without facing any penalties.

One of the spellshaper's more eccentric character-traits is that he refuses any training in the use of missile weapons; for ranged combat, a spellshaper uses magic, and if magic fails he prefers melee. Like all mages, the spellweaver needs a high intelligence score, but many of his special abilities have a high dexterity score as prerequisite.


  • Wild Magic (Casting level varies from 5 below to 5 above the spellweaver's own level)
  • 5 lore rating per level
  • THAC0 advancement close to rogue (THAC0 reduced by 1 every 6 levels)
  • “Weave Spell” ability
  • “Weaveshear” ability
  • “Shape Spell” ability
  • May learn combat-related character abilities ("feats")


  • Wild Magic (Casting level varies from 5 below to 5 above the spellweaver's own level)
  • 5% Chance for Wild Surge
  • Much slower spell progression (New spell levels at experience-level 4,6,8,10,13,16,19,22)
  • Less wizard spell slots (-2 level 1 to 7 spells, -3 level 8 and 9 spells, compared to standard wild mage)
  • ”Metamagic” items that modify the number of wizard spell-slots have no effect at all.
  • Gets no high level abilities
  • Suffers -5 to hit and -2 to damage when using ranged weapons
  • May wear only one ring (one ring slot permanently occupied)
  • Alignment changes to chaotic

  Agreed, wild magic has certain
drawbacks, but to me it´s the
only true magic left in this world...

Rhialto the Marvelous, Wild Mage
and Spellshaper extraordinaire

Detailed information

New Wild Magic Spells

The Spellshaper "Kit"


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