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This site is dedicated to Bioware's Baldur's Gate and the other Infinity Engine games.
(Yes, the site is crude, and yes, it will probably stay this way. It serves its purpose...)

 My Baldur's Gate mods:
Enhanced Fairy Dragon (v6)

Download (484K)
WEIDU Format
(A familiar-tweak for BG2/BG1-Tutu)

A useful and more authentic Fairy Dragon familiar
No longer an item that grants 12HP - this familiar is your 7th party member...
Planar Sphere Teleporter (v1.1)

Download (259K)
WEIDU Format
(A tweak mod designed for BG2-SOA and BG2-TOB)

When you get the mage stronghold, Lavok gives you an item that teleports
you in (and out) of the planar sphere from wherever you are.
Wild Mage Additions (v1.7)

Download (732K)

WEIDU Format
(A tweak/kit mod designed for BG2 and BG1Tutu - TOB is required!)

This mod features 27 new wild magic spells as well as a pseudo-kit based on the wild mage
See here for more details.

 My Baldur's Gate tools:
BG1-TotSC US - Country Crack
Download (1K)

This "fixes" a little "Bug" in the US Version of BG1-TotSC  (The game doesn't run when
your Windows-language setting isn't "English (USA)" or "English (Canada)")
This patch runs with all US versions of BG1+TotSC (v 1.3.5508, v1.3.5510, v1.3.5512)
Start the program once to apply the patch and a second time to remove it.

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