The easternmost Kingdom of the Skyrim Province.
 On the border to Morrowind.

Updated to v1.1!
Updated to v1.2!!
Updated to v1.3!!!

by JOG

A crowded city, unlike anything you'll see on Vvardenfell,

A Kingdom in it's own right, not under imperial occupation law,

upon an island that holds some surprises for those reckless enough to look.


Havish is the easternmost Kingdom of the Skyrim province. A solitary town on a small, woody island.
A harbor where ore ships from the rich Vvardenfell mines restock provisions, wealthy due to own
gem mines. Not much about this town beside the rumors of all these strange happenings. It surely is
imagination and all this happens by chance. However, some of the most respected scholars swear that
someone or something bends the natural laws on Kathaer Island.

Update v1.3 (25.Feb.2007):

After leaving Morrowind for quite some time, I decided to play again, and realized that I never released a complete version of Havish 1.2. So I included some fixes I made but never released and moved all icons and textures into a subfolder for your (and my) mod-managing convenience (we didn't know how to do this back in 2003). The result is Havish v1.3 and this is very likely the final version of this mod. After all, I started working on it 4 years ago...

This version also includes the addons "Forested Havish" by Lochnarus and  "Havish - Scimitar". There is no update version to v1.3, download and install the complete package or keep running Havish v1.2 and the separate Addons.

Download Havish v 1.3 ( 3.6 MB) (Planet Elderscrolls)

Download Havish v 1.3 ( 3.6 MB) (RapidShare)

Download Havish v 1.3 ( 3.6 MB) (from here) (Please use one of the other links if possibe)

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