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This site is dedicated to my work for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.
(Yes, the site is crude, and yes, it will probably stay this way. It serves its purpose...)

 My Morrowind plugins:
Newtscale Hardening (v1.2)
Download (60K)
This was my first work for MW.
A retextured (darkest violet) Newtscale Cuirass and some quests to get it.
Ald Ruhn TG Devil Tanto Tweak
Download (2K)
A small fix to make the original thieves guild quest in Ald ruhn's Mages Guild more fitting to a sneaky thief.
(Without this plugin the quest is more suited for a ruthless bandit.)
Haldenshore (v1.1a)
Download (272K)
I play a thief in Morrowind, so this plugin is also dedicated to thievery.
It adds a new town next to Seyda Neen, as well as 16 new Thieves Guild quests. (Tribunal recommended)
Haldenshore (v1.2)
Download (374K)
This is the "1st Anniversary Edition" of Haldenshore. Requires Tribunal/Bloodmoon v1.6
and is fully compatible to Havish. All files that were optional before are included now.
If you don't have Bloodmoon, this update is useless for you.
Parrying Bracers
Download (4K)
My version of parrying bracers, (bracers that can be used to parry attacks like shields)
Haldenshore already contains this plugin.(Requires Tribunal!)
Havish (v1.3)

Download (3.6 MB)

Scimitar Update / GCD-fix (8K)

Mini Patch by Tyraa Rane (6K)

A new, big city northwest of Vvardenfell. New quests for Fighters Guild and Mages Guild
And of course a lot of new Thieves Guild Quest... (Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal!)

This new version includes the "Havish-Scimitar" and "Forested Havish" addons.
All files were reorganized into new folders. If you already have an old version of Havish
installed, you need to remove it and clean your savegame before installing this version.

The "Scimitar Update" fixes a small incompatibility with Booty Island (two identically named weapons)
provides compatibility with mods like GCD or MADD-Leveler and upgrades the weapon's abilities.
(MWE and non-MWE Versions included)

Tyraa Rane's Mini patch fixes some CTD-problems with the initial quests that may be caused
by a conflict between the Morrowind Code Patch and some sloppy coding in Havish.


Havish (v1.2)
Havish v1.0 (2.9 MB)

Update to v1.2 (66 KB)  
Scimitar Addon (22K)
Forested Havish Addon (574K)

The old version of Havish and its Addons
Only recommended if you experience problems with the new version.

- Ingame-Upgrade for the Akaviri Scimitar you might get in Havish.
- Forested Havish Addon by lochnarus
Booty Island
Download  v1.1 (1.8 MB)

Update v1.0 to v1.1 (123K)
The pirates of the eastern coast have become a problem, they hit on the most rewarding
and least protected targets. Supposedly someone tells them where to hit.
Socucius Ergalla sends you on a mission to infiltrate the pirates and try to find out more.
(Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal!) (Construction-Set Screenshots)
Enhanced Stealth (v1.2)  NEW!

Download (9 K)

This plugin adds some new features to your sneak skill:
  • Lighting-based sneak-skill modifier (bonus or penalty)
  • Sneak-skill penalty for wearing medium or heavy armor (optional)
  • Sneak Attack bonus (a fracture of your sneak skill is added as Attack-Bonus)
  • Assassination (Instant Kill on a critical hit with short blades and hand-to-hand)

(Requires Morrowind Enhanced v1.6 and Bloodmoon or Tribunal!)

 My Morrowind related tools:
TR - Texture Replacer (v2.0)  
Download (44K)
A tool to reskin the .NIF models used in Morrowind and Oblivion.
Works well as a windows-program, but shows it's true power when used in the
commandline, where it can replace several textures, in several files at once.
A special feature of this program is that it can remove internal textures from NIFs.

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