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This site is dedicated to Neverwinter Nights 2
(Yes, the site is crude, and yes, it will probably stay this way. It serves its purpose...)

 Current Mods (tested with SoZ v1.22.1588)

Two-Rowed Hotbar (v1.1)

Download (4K)

(Requires SoZ)

Alternative hotbar with 2x12 slots and additional UI buttons.
Two variants: 1. Three UI-functions and SoZ game-mode-selection / 2. Six UI-functions

Sal's Guestbook (OC)

Download (27K)

(compatible with MotB+SoZ)

This mod adds dialogue to the NPC Sal you'll find in the Sunken Flagon as well as in the Phoenix Tail Inn later on.
Ask him to show you the guestbook to open the party-selection menu without having to leave the Flagon.
Also, a certain gang of street urchins now will run and fetch your companions as an extra service.

 Older Mods (tested with MotB v1.10.1116)
MotB: Spirit Energy Tweak

Download (27K)

(requires MotB)
As an alternative to completely disabling the spirit eater curse, this little tweak slows down the
hourly loss of spirit energy to a quarter of the original amount.
(Alternatives for 1/2 and 1/3 as well as source and instructions for customizing are included)

MotB: Rooster-Cheat

Download (2K)

(requires MotB)
Since Mask of the Betrayer now uses dialogue for inviting NPCs into the party the old ga_party_limit
cheats no longer work. This little tweak changes the script that checks for the number of party members
so that it always returns "False" when dialogue checks whether it is larger than x.

Simply put into the Override folder reload the game and ask your NPCs to join.

MotB: Ice-Troll-Lodge Bugfix

Download (2K)
(requires MotB)
This fixes the bug where you can't join the Ice Troll Lodge when you already won the
Test of Prowess a second time. Simply put the dialogue-file into the Override Folder.

MotB: Lurure Bears Bugfix

Download (2K)
(requires MotB)
This fixes a bug in with Okku's tribe at the Wells of Lurure:
When you devoured Okku, were female and had Gann in your party the conversation
would simply end  after Gann had his line without the bears becoming hostile.
Alignment Trend

Download (2K)

This modifies the Character Sheet to display the Alignment right after race and show a tendency
towards alignment-change when the character's alignment shifted more than 50% towards another.

 Old Mods
Tutorial Mod
Download (758K)

v1.0 (requires NWN v1.03)
This is a modification of the Original Campaign's tutorial.

It adds a sidequest to the tutorial that is dependent on your character's background.
Character's with the Troublemaker or Militia background have the oportunity to get
a free Skill Focus feat to balance out the -2 to will.

Several original quests/dialogues now have opportunities for a troublemaker to have fun.

Hideous Blow Tweak  
Download (74K)

v1.2 (only for NWN v1.06)
A Warlock's Hideous Blow just doesn't feel right in NWN2: You cast the invocation in melee,
targetting one foe, suffer an attack of opportunity and then have your weapon "charged" so that
it will release the Eldritch Blast at the first time you hit someone. (not necessary the original target.)

This little tweak makes the Hideous Blow invocation target yourself, so that you can cast it
to "charge" your weapon before rushing into melee.

Flee The Scene Tweak  
Download (8K)
A Warlock's Flee The Scene invocation originally applies the Expedious Retreat effect to the Warlock
and 5 rounds of haste to his companions. This actually gives the companions a bonus attack
and the Warlock just a boost to speed and AC.

This tweak comes in two flavors:
A: Apply Haste to the Warlock as well.
B: Apply Haste to the Warlock only.

Devil's Sight Tweak  
Download (4K)
This is a tweak for the Warlock's Devil's Sight invocation. It adds an "Ultravision"
effect to the Invocation, so that it penetrates magical darkness (e.g. Darkness spell)

Dark Foresight Fix  
Download (4K)
This is a fix for the Warlock's Dark Foresight invocation.

At caster level 15+ the maximum absorbed damaged should be 150.
Instead, the original script set the duration to 150 rounds (should be 1 round/level...)